Is Studying Fashion Design Right For You?

February 2, 2017

by — Posted in Education & Learning

You might have had a passion for creativity and fashion since you were a teenager or you are someone who simply loves fashion and everything about it – but following a career in fashion design is a different experience altogether. While it is every potential designer’s dream to create clothing or accessories and express what they have to offer, being realistic in your outlook and making decisions accordingly is important too.

Learn About The Industry
You need to know what skills and qualifications are needed to break into the industry and how to maintain a successful career. This is more easily said than done, since the fashion industry is constantly evolving with people’s tastes and the changing trends in the world. Read up as much as you can about how fashion designers started out or better yet talk to fashion design alumni from an institute that interests you – to get a wider picture.

Creativity and Skills
It is no secret that being creative and thinking outside the box are just some of the important skills needed in the fashion industry. While spending on the most prestigious institute will equip you with the knowledge and guidance – creativity, passion and hard work are some factors that creates longevity. The ideal fashion design in Sydney or even in Singapore, Milan or New York will help pave the way, but knowing what and how to design by combining different elements is what makes designs stand out.  Having an eye for detail, being knowledgeable about fabrics and colours are some key skills that are required to be a good designer too.

Figure Out Your Strengths
Take some time out to find out what you are good at or what you can improve on. For example – if you want to be more knowledgeable about dressmaking and improve your sewing skills, you can consider taking up some sewing classes that focus on tailoring or dressmaking.  You can even take a few art classes or fashion illustration lessons to improve your fashion sketches – especially when you need to create portfolios to enter an education program.

Business and Networking Skills
It is common to see very talented designers finding it hard to break into the fashion industry because they poorly market themselves. Good networking and how you present your brand can go a long way – which is why you need to figure your target audience and how to appeal to them. Getting to know the right people in the industry who can showcase your work can also grant you more staying power.